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Frequently Asked Questions


People generally don't think much about their roof until they have wind or storm damage, or their roof simply wears out. Then you suddenly have decisions to make such as, finding a qualified and reliable company, choosing color and type of materials, etc.

Barrett Company furnishes you with some facts to help you make the right decision on your roofing needs.


Barrett Company has grown to be the largest independent roofing company in the southeast. We have been installing roofs since 1962. We carry workman's compensation insurance.

We have the qualified people to do the job and our sales staff is knowledgeable and competent in any area of roofing and will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Our phones are answered, during office hours, by our office personnel, not by an answering service or machine.


We have prepared some questions that you may want to ask when choosing a roofing company.


1. Will I be furnished a labor warranty?
2. How long is the labor warranty?
3. Is the company financially strong enough to back up the labor warranty?
4. Will I be required to put money up front? You should not be asked before the job is completed.
5. Is the estimate free?
6. Will I be speaking to office personnel or an answering service?
7. If a problem develops, what kind of service can I expect?


Remember, your home is major investment and we would like for you to invest your trust on us.

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